Founded in 2019, Inside the Minds. is a magazine stemming from “Tunnel Vision,” a documentary about Bri Betz-White’s final season as a basketball player for the Loyola University Maryland women’s basketball team.

“I wanted my first major project to feature a black woman because of how under-appreciated black women are in society. Not only that, but how women athletes are under-appreciated. Bri embodies the definition of endurance, talent, and mental toughness. My goal for this project inspire young black girls to show them that the life they want is attainable, albeit difficult. There’s beauty in the struggle.” - Ikechukwu Sharpe 

Stemming from Bri’s story, the idea of channeling that same energy of storytelling expanded to highlighting the work other diverse creatives do to their respective fields.


Passion + We are committed in mind, heart, and spirit to craft each story

Diversity + Different ethnicities bring different stories. We highlight stories from people with unique backgrounds and cultures to emphasize the importance of celebrating our differences

Collaboration + We want to build a community of creators who live, work, and grow together

Continuous Learning + By learning from one another, we will foster a space of education and empowerment

Innovation + We are working to create new ways to enhance our human experience by using art as a tool to explore our lives


Sourcing the Culture + Connecting Creators Together

Inside the Minds. is a space to discover, follow and collaborate with creators who want to change their world and the world around them.

Blaise Butera

Kamilia Arroyo

Ikechukwu Sharpe