May 12th, 2020


Had a lot of high hopes for this year, then Lady Rona came in and changed all of that lol. But it’s all good, I’m stacking my bread and planning my next move.

Unfortunately, my acting program was canceled with an indefinite return date. But with only a few months left in the program, I felt like I had gotten what I needed out of it. Being a famous actor would be amazing and I would love it if that could happen. But being famous is not my goal. My goal is to be great. If I’m great at what I do, the fame will come regardless. I definitely feel that the 7 months I spent studying acting in NYC has elevated my acting ability to a different level and has set me on that path to greatness. Just gotta keep going.

In other news, I just hit 100 subs on YouTube! Definitely isn’t many in the grand scheme of things but I try to celebrate the small victories lol. My platform hasn’t experienced the exponential growth  that every new content creator hopes it does, but it’s growth nonetheless. All success is relative and I had to grind for 9 months to get to this point. I’m proud that I have been able to push myself through the negative thoughts and the self doubt in order to continue to create through one of the few mediums I have accessible to me right now.

Alright that’s it. I could say more, but sometimes I start to feel a little conceited when I talk about myself for too long lol. How are you all? Well I hope. Wishing you and your families nothing but wellness. Please stay healthy ✊🏾🙏🏽♥️.

- Zalen King

March 4th, 2020


I appreciate y’all giving me the chance to add more to this incredible piece y’all created.

Last May, I graduated from Loyola University Maryland and received my Bachelors in Finance. After graduation I unfortunately did not have a full time job lined up. Not gonna lie, after having performed so well in undergrad, my expectations for my job prospects were high. To finish and have nothing to show for it was...disappointing to say the least lol. I felt like a failure. I felt like I had been lied to about the true value of a college degree. But, as it turned out, not having a job turned out to be the best thing for me. It allowed me to put more focus into my passion and into further developing my craft.

Fast forward to today - I am now half way through my 1 Year Acting program with an Off-Broadway theater company in NYC. I also work full time in the city at a company that not only pays me well but has also given me an environment where my peers and my boss are all supportive of both my professional career and my acting career. Cultivating my acting ability and becoming a versatile performer has always been important for me. This program has helped to elevate my capabilities to an entirely different level. It has taught me more about the art form and what it takes to create a believable performance. This has been the most fulfilling education I have ever received and I’m thankful that my experience led me here.

Looking towards the future -  I am looking to find an agent and move to either New York or Los Angeles. I’m not entirely sure yet. So far, a majority of my post grad life has consisted of this uncertainty. Constantly questioning every decision in order to identify the best course of action. But I’m slowly starting to realize that I need to embrace the ambiguity of my future. No matter what decision I choose, there will always be a lesson that can make me more prepared for what’s to come next.

I’m nowhere close to where I want to be but I’m on my way. As long as I stay consistent, I know I’ll get there.

-  Zalen King